Our business and our values

Independent Elements and Controls has been in business for 19 years and over that time we have built up substantial experience relating to every aspect of heating element design, manufacture and application.

We have an overall staff of 36 people and operate two manufacturing facilities.Both our facilities are fully equipped with the latest production machinery to produce a wide range of heating elements to specific standards. Our design team have collectively 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing heating elements.

We also have a laser machine used for cutting mica which is predominately done by hand in other companies.

For the manufacture of clamps etc we have our own water jet machine which enables us to keep our costs down by not outsourcing these components. We have also automated our silver solder welding dept by using induction welding now giving us  the opportunity to offer much better lead times. 

The average length of service for our staff is 10 years meaning that we always have continuity in the production process. 

We have a CAD drawing design facility and our counter sales are quite prepared to sit down and design a new application or improve an old application together with customers.

We also have a substantial overseas network of suppliers who can supply products that are not readily available in this country.

We pride ourselves on being extremely flexible and often are required to manufacture elements that are for a break down situation for our customer, as we understand that production must carry on, we are always ready to visit a customers facility if requested and give recommendations to improve on the process.

We take pride in only using top grade raw materials in our manufacturing processes and work to international standards as well as those stipulated by our customers.

For more information please visit the contact section of our website and we'll gladly assist.