The benefits of using induction technology are:

  • Selective heating. The heat generated is very localized to the area enclosed by the electrodes, meaning that any fixtures or clamps will not be heated.
  • Fast heating up time. The time to heat up components is rapid and faster than using gas.
  • Consistent results. Once any clamping fixture has been set in place and the time and RF settings have been established repeat-ability of the process from component to component is virtually exactly the same.
  • A clean process. Induction technology is much cleaner and safer than using gas. Induction processes are normally done in an open air environment, however it can also be done in a controlled atmosphere to keep parts completely clean and free of oxidation.
  • Less consumables. The only real consumable is the electrodes and even these last very a very long time.
  • We have an induction heating test unit available at our factory should you wish to see the process in operation.