Independent Elements have been manufacturing a complete range of thermocouples for the last 15 years, servicing an extensive range of applications and customers.

Our thermocouples are used in the ferrous and non ferrous industry, the plastics industry, research and development. Galvanising, heat treatment, potteries, rubber moulding etc.

We manufacture high temperature thermocouples complete with ceramic sheaths and platinum/rhodium wire depending upon the temperature range. Mineral insulated thermocouples using 316 s/s MI cable imported from Canada, which is supplied with a batch calibration and material certificate. Other sheath materials are available.

  • General purpose thermocouples which can be supplied with support springs, fittings etc.
  • Re-usable high temperature thermocouples for liquid molten non ferrous metals.

Our thermocouples can be supplied with a vast array of ceramic and metallic protection  sheaths ,thermocouples as well as mounting and support fixtures.

We are able to supply thermocouple calibration certificates on request.


Thermocouple Accessories

High temperature ceramic and thermoplastic thermocouple plugs. | General purpose as well as mini and panel mounted thermocouple plugs. 

A complete range a thermocouple compensating cable, either SS braided, teflon, pvc etc for all the different thermocouple ranges.

Aluminium large and small thermocouple heads. | Teflon thermocouple heads. | Ceramic thermocouple head connection inserts. | Fittings ie barrel adaptors, springs , compression fittings, reducers etc | Ceramic protection tubes such as Silicon carbide, Alcint, pythagorous,silicon nitride etc | Exotic protection tubes either ceramic or metallic. | Ceramic beads | Bare thermocouple wire.

Click here to download the thermocouple colour code chart | Click here to download the wire conversion chart